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    2. Contents of the EOOW Exam

    3. Contents of MIN 654

    4. How to Prepare for the orals exam

    5. What to expect in the oral exam (Face to Face)

    6. What to expect in the oral exam (Online)

    1. Self Assessment 1 Questions

    2. Self Assessment 1 Questions and Answers

    3. Self Assessment 2 Questions

    4. Self Assessment 2 Questions and Answers

    5. Self Assessment 3 Questions

    6. Self Assessment 3 Questions and Answers

    7. Self Assessment 4 Questions

    8. Self Assessment 4 Questions and Answers

    1. Watchkeeping Introduction

    2. Describe the vessel particulars (Power, length, weight, size) of your last vessel.

    3. When you join a ship, what would be some of the first things you do as a new 3rd Engineer

    4. Watchkeeping Explain How you would take over a watch as 3rd engineer-1

    5. How would you hand over the watch to the next watch keeper

    6. During UMS you receive an alarm in your cabin from the engine room, describe how you would respond to this

    7. During your watch, you discover a fire in the purifier room, what would you do

    8. The exhaust temperature on unit 1 (two stroke) is high and rising. Explain your actions

    9. What actions would you take in the event of a collision Assume you are on watch

    10. While on watch the bridge informs you that black smoke is coming from the funnel. What could cause this

    11. What checks would you carry out during your walk round 2 stroke

    12. What checks would you carry out on the main engine during your walk-round

    13. The boiler water level is low and cannot be seen in the gauge glasses. Explain your actions

    14. What checks would you carry out during your walk round 4 stroke

    15. After entering the machinery space, you notice one of the bilges is filled with water. What are your actions

    16. What is a crank case explosion

    17. What is the point of an oil mist detector and how would you respond if it went off during your watch

    18. A blackout has occurred, what would your actions be. (What systems need to be reset

    1. Main and Auxiliary Systems Introduction

    2. Sketch the timing diagram for a typical four stroke engine

    3. Sketch the cross section of a 4-stroke engineii

    4. Sketch the timing diagram for a typical two stroke engine.

    5. Sketch the cross section of a 2-stroke engine ii

    6. What shutdowns are present on your main engine (2 Stroke)

    7. What shutdowns are present on your main engine (4 Stroke)

    8. What daily, weekly, and monthly checks and maintenance was carried out on the main engines

    9. How would you blow down a boiler gauge glass?

    10. How to start up a boiler.

    11. What mountings did your boiler have?

    12. What checks did you carry out on the compressed air system?

    13. Sketch and describe the Fuel Oil system on board your last vessel

    14. Sketch the LT and HT Cooling water system on your ship

    15. Describe the operation of bilge and OWS system on your last ship that had them

    16. What is the purpose of the following engine parts piston, Piston Rings, Cylinder Liner, Crankshaft, Cam Shaft Gudgeon Pin and Piston Rod

    17. How would you start the main engine from cold (Two Stroke)

    1. Electrical Systems Introduction

    2. What would happen if paralleling a gen 10 hz

    3. How does the emergency generator start in a blackout

    4. How would you go about preparing an electrical motor to work on

    5. How does an induction motor work

    6. How does the preferential trip system work

    7. What are all the readings you would expect to find on the switchboard panel

    8. How would you use a multi-meter to prove a motor dead

    9. What other equipment can you use to prove the system dead

    10. Explain the operation of Air Circuit Breaker

    11. What does the synchroscope show you

    12. Sketch and describe the following motor starting methods DOL, Star Delta Starter Both Power and Control Circuits

    13. What is an earth fault and explain how you would go about locating it

    1. Maintenance Procedures Introduction

    2. How would you go about replacing the bearing on a pump

    3. How would you ensure that an electrical motor was safe to work on

    4. What device would you use to prove a motor dead

    5. What kind of planned maintenance system did you have onboard and what information did it hold

    6. How would you prepare to make an enclosed space entry

    7. What is meant by condition monitoring

    8. What is the purpose of a risk assessment

    9. Where could you find information on exposure limits for different chemicals

    10. How did you record the running hours of equipment

    11. Talk me through how you would prepare and clean a plate cooler

    12. How would you go about replacing the mechanical seal on the fire pump

    13. What equipment would you prepare before making an enclosed space entry

    14. What are the dangers of working with chemical cleaning agents

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